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Find great deals on eBay for silicon nitride bearings. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: ... 100 3/32" Inch G5 Precision Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearing Balls See more like this. 25 1/4" Inch G5 Precision Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearing Balls. Brand New.

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Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) ceramic balls are formed from a modern material suitable for applications where high speeds and extreme temperatures are factors. The need for extended life and minimal lubrication make this material ideal for demanding applications.

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Silicon nitride overview Family Overview Silicon Nitrides (Si 3 N 4 ) have a unique grain structure which delivers both exceedingly high strength and toughness and exceptionally high thermal shock resistance — making it ideal for applications with high dynamic stresses, thermal rigor, …

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Silicon nitride ceramics is superior to other materials due to its thermal shock resistance. It does not deteriorate at high temperatures, so it's used for automotive engines and parts for gas turbines, including the turbocharger rotor.

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Super precision Grade 5 silicon nitride balls reduce friction by approximately 10% over steel balls and require less lubricant, reducing losses from lubricant drag. These ceramic bearings are stiffer than steel bearings balls and weigh less.

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Advantage of Silicon Nitride Si3N4 bearing balls. 1.High temperature-resistant: 100°C--1300°C.It can been applied in kiln, plastic, steel and other equipments that can bear high temperature.

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Silicon Nitride Balls are very high-cost grinding media that are used for milling same materials (silicon nitride ball to mill silicon nitride materials) to avoid contamination.

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Silicon nitride ceramic lining tile is widely used in thermal power, steel, metallurgy, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port and dock enterprises, coal conveying system, pulverizing system, ...

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Silicon nitride exceeds other ceramic materials in thermal shock resistance. It also offers an excellent combination of low density, high strength, low thermal expansion and good corrosion resistance and fracture toughness.

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Zirconia Ceramic Bearings, Zirconia Bearings, Ceramic Bearings manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Silicon Nitride Bearings, Round Sic Dryer Igniter Kit, Silicon …

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Silicon Nitride Deep Groove Ball Bearing (Si3N4) The ceramic ball bearings shown in the dimension table below have rings and balls made from silicon nitride (Si3N4). These silicon nitride bearings are available from stock in the Tarso company without a ...

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Silicon Nitride Balls mostly used in high-endurance, very low lubrication and extreme temperature applications, such as space satellites, turbo-molecular pumps, car engine parts, hybrid bearings and metal working, etc.

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The main products includes all series of zirconia beads, ceramic sand-blasting bead, alumina balls, high-precision balls, silicon nitride balls, zirconia structural parts, silicon carbide structural parts.The products can be used in the industries of paint, ink, battery paste, cosmetics, pesticide, inkjet ink, pigment, dye and all other ...

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Steel ball and roller applications include ball bearings, automotive OEM parts, ball transfers, test equipment, ball pens, casters, drawer slides, guides for safety belts, valves, thrust bearings, grinding media, and micro bearings.

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Silicon nitride ceramic ball is the high-precision ceramic material, sintered under high-temperature in non-oxide environment. It has special property to resist from acid, high-temperature, corrosion, and could be long time used inside sea water.

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Whether you are using Silicon Nitride, Zirconia or even Silicon Carbide, ceramic bearings are available for a wide range of applications such as space, chemical, medical, and …

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Silicon nitride ceramic ball is a high-temperature sintered ceramic in a non-oxidizing atmosphere. It has high strength, high abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long-term use in seawater, Good performance.

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Silicon Nitride has the most versatile combination of mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of any technical ceramic material. It is a high performance technical ceramic that is extremely hard and has exceptional thermal shock and impact resistance.

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Silicon Nitride | Silicon Nitride Grinding | Ceramic. Ferro-Ceramic Grinding Inc. machines over 15 different materials Silicon Nitride Silicon Nitride Properties Silicon Nitride (Si 3 N 4 ) Silicon Nitride has the strongest covalent bond properties next to silicon carbide.

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Hybrid 3 5mm Ceramic Balls with steel rings and ceramic balls. Full 3 5mm Ceramic Balls bearings can be made in silicon nitride, zirconia or silicon carbide, three kinds in total. You can find those ceramic materials' characteristic at ceramic materials and their properties.

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Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Ceramic Balls are formed from a new material suitable for applications where high loads, high speeds and extreme temperatures are factors.

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As a bearing material, silicon nitride is also used extensively for full ceramic bearings and for hybrid ceramic bearings where ceramic balls are successfully used in conjunction with steel races. Since silicon nitride ball bearings (left) are harder than metal, contact with the bearing track is reduced resulting in up to 80% less friction and ...

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Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Ceramic Balls are formed from a new material suitable for applications where high loads, high speeds and extreme temperatures are factors. Long life and the need for minimal lubrication make this material appropriate for extreme applications.

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Silicon Nitride is further characterized by its low density of 3.2 g/cc, high flexural strength of 1.0 GPa, and fracture toughness of 6 MPa/M 2. Ortech Silicon Nitride ball manufacturing capability ranges in size from 0.5mm to 63.50mm.

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The Usage of Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grinding Ball for Bearing Silicon nitride ceramics ball can be used for all kinds of bearings,such as high speed and ultra high speed bearings,high precision bearings,vacuum bearings,high or low temperature bearings,non-magnetic bearings and high precision ball screw.

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Bearing Ball Materials ***PLEASE NOTE: the ball types listed are for reference and for use in a KMS ball bearing assembly only.*** ***Glass and 316 stainless steel balls are available for individual sale on a limited inch size basis.

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What are Silicon Nitride Balls? Silicon nitride is a hard ceramic having high strength over a broad temperature range, moderate thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, moderately high elastic modulus, and unusually high fracture toughness for a ceramic.

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1) Silicone Nitride is the best ceramic material used for the ceramic bearings. 2) It has the density 3.20g/cm3,and is only half weight of zirconia bearings. 3) More light means more speed.

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Silicon Nitride Balls are very high-cost grinding media that are used for milling same materials (silicon nitride ball to mill silicon nitride materials) to avoid contamination.